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AtiH: What an amazing opportunity this was for me to experience inner healing.. Eamen Jan has a powerful gift of exerting energy ... and I have learned techniques for meditation that I can use on a daily basis to strengthen my spiritual healing... I recommend this for everyone..

ZRN: Thank you Eamen for having us last night. It was all peace and compassion that I had and enjoyed it. It is always amazing when we see ourselves without mask. :)

FarnazI: Thank you Eamen Hameed! I had one of the best meditations in my life. Looking forward to the next one...

VickyL: Dear Eamen, Thank you very much for helping me to reconnect with my own energy as I am a different person now. Every time that I do energy work with you I feel a stronger connection with Divine Source. Thank you for all your guidance, knowledge and support during my journey. Love, Vicky

SarahS: Dearest E, You are very often in my thoughts and I find you seem to address what's on my mind without me even having to even ask at all lately!! I've noticed so many different thoughts of 'conscious' understanding and seeing all of the examples around me in my life. It's almost like a vast pool of knowledge and we all drink from the same or similar thoughts. :)

I've decided to do the honorable thing and work with absolute truth in my current situation. I no longer have the fear or worry of my situation or outcome. I know I've done the right thing :) That makes me happy.

You have helped to be a moral compass for me in this last few months. It's helped me realize why this has come up in my life and why and how it was caused by intense negativity and resistance. This started several months back over a major disagreement at ...

Thank you for your unconditional love that helps me grow, and reminds me to love above all else. Thank you for your loving message that keeps me strong when I falter. This is almost magic and it is real and a little scary, thank you for making it feel safe. I've shied away so many times in the past... The universe was so clearly reaching out to me, but I was scared. I'm no longer afraid. Faithfully yours, S.

JaniceH: I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed the Healing Classes. I would like to participate in the next series of classes. I am a much calmer and happier person. You and Emen have changed the way I look at things. Thanks Again.

PeggyM: I am extremely grateful for the scholarship that was awarded to me, thereby allowing me to take the self healing course, that was otherwise unavailable to me being that I am unable to work due to having Multiple Sclerosis. I enjoyed the class immeasurably, the meditations transported me daily to a new reality. I am very thankful too for the radio program you had at my request on MS, I listen to it regularly.

Having worked with you prior to the class beginning, cured my sleep apnea completely. I am looking forward to taking part in the distance healing class to learn how I can help others as well. Thank you! I’m done with just surviving … I’m thriving now instead!

PeggyM: I am a 44 yr old woman who has MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Amean has been doing healing calls with me recently. The improvement I have experienced are: My walking/balance has become more stable and my legs are getting stronger. I get up less often at night for the washroom allowing me to feel more rested. Amean is a wonderful man and gifted healer. I am looking so much forward to learning so much more about self healing through healingpaq's self healing class coming up in January 2012, I am certain he is a great instructor too. He has taught me to be kind and gentle with myself, which is a welcome trait to learn.

By listening to the archive radio shows on digestion and on insomnia, my digestion has improved and my sleep has gotten deeper as I can see on an app that records my sleep cycles. Thank you so very much Amean.

JaniceH: Dear Eamen, Your meditation classes have enriched my life so very much. I am a much calmer and happier person. My dear friend has Alzheimer’s Disease. I just spent two and a half hours with her this afternoon at the hospital. Her nurse passed by us in the hall as we were walking she said I was a calming influence on my friend. I thanked her and told her that I do meditation. It has made a difference in my life and I hope I can pass on some of what I have learned to my friend. Love, Janice

SarahS: Thank you again E, l have to restrain myself from writing you every day! You make me feel so happy!! Thank you both for helping me to realize my connection with Divine, It is truly an amazing feeling to have love for everyone and everything. I try to share these ideas and promote love, compassion and positivity to all of those around me. This is ripple in the pond was started by you.

SarahS: I love you both and hope you are beyond well!! I write today because Tomorrow I go before the judge.. Wish me strength, luck, confidence, clarity and a lenient judge! I've asked Gabriel to help me communicate effectively and have already mentally prepared myself with the ideal outcome, case dismissed!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read email and for your kind words and love. The past few months have been much easier with your guidance.

I really cant thank you enough E & A, you are forever in my heart.

JaniceH: Dear Amean, I am sorry that I will not be able to join you this morning, because we have some very dear friends visiting us. I will look forward to receiving the link for this class. I knew I would enjoy the classes, but they have been so much more than I could have imagined. I enjoy life much more and seldom get frustrated like I used to. Thanks again.

DeniseK: Dear Divine Souls, Wow!!! Liberation! I could identify with this teaching on so many levels. You touched the deepest point of truth of what craving is, how it is that undercurrent of addictive behavior. Like a riptide in the ocean, once we are caught in the current it can be difficult to break free, but it is possible. There is a way out! Your examples are poignant. This teaching shed more light on a very intense emotional situation in my present life. The meditation that followed was MOST liberating! I am so grateful that you are present with us in this evolution! Such loving support is comforting! Many blessings to you! Love.

SarahSueXo: Thank you!! I love all that you do, have done and continue to do!! Your teaching helps me everyday! I practice this when preparing food as well considering most things are comprised of water and we, our bodies, are 75% water making us super conductors as well!!!!

SoheilaN: I was listening to you on line before bed time last night. I say your words may replace sleeping pills very easily (in a good sense) I had a very good night sleep.

SarahC: Good morning, Thank you for your podcasts!! The instance I hear your voices I immediately feel connected!! I listen every morning and it helps set my focus for each day and overcome struggles through love , joy, peace and compassion, which removes the resistance and the problems just dissolve!!

I write you to let you know that you help tremendously. I have anxiety and struggle with depression, though replacing those worries by your examples have turned my focus to love, compassion and gratitude. I feel better.

As of late I've had my life turn upside down. Our successful family photography business has been struggling, we've taken major cuts and now I personally am filing for bankruptcy. I had felt loss, though you help me deal with this. In addition to this I am a Medical Marijuana Patient, to relieve chronic illness and pain. I live in a city in Michigan where it is not permitted. Recently I was arrested for possessing marijuana in my city and have to see a magistrate today. I am wishing for the best as this is my intention. The immense joy that I've found through cultivating marijuana is unparalleled, almost as it was my purpose! Though it isn't an option where I'm living. You've helped me find that joy again though I heartbreakingly miss encouraging life to grow.

I want to thank you again for your guiding podcast series, your posts on Facebook and your beautiful website!! I hope that each of you are well and I can't wait to hear/ see more of you! You make each of my days more beautiful and loving.

PeggyM: My sleep apnea is gone! Thanks to Healing Paq.

CindyL: Love this site! I am in the groove, at my best! Working on it, on my worst! Thanks for the positive flow! Love and Light.

MendetA: Fabulous!!!! :D Always, when I hear you all (on healingPAQ radio), I feel joy and love. I laugh. Thank You so much Amean & Eamen for sharing with us. Thank Divine

DeniseK: You are the Best Teacher. Thank you for the email and link to you tube! I have been watching your other video's!!!! Oh My!!! Words cannot express the joy that erupts when I learn more about healing!!! Hope continues to increase in my heart! I CAN continue to heal myself and others!! I am because I AM lives in me, a child of the Divine! You assisted in restoring my heart so that I can trust in a Divine Intelligence!! I am learning to not believe EVERYTHING I think or hear, but to rely on some instinct. Thank you!!!! Thank you!!! Thank you! Much love, Denise K

JaniceH: Dear Eamen, Thank you so much for our classes at OASIS. I have done other Meditation Classes there, but your class and the positive way you teach has influenced me the most.

Last year on I listened to your brother talk about the endocrine system. I was not happy with my regular doctor, but listening to him talk about the endocrine system led me to seek out a wonderful endocrinologist, Dr. Bailey in Escondido. He was able to determine that I had a low vitamin D level and that I might have sleep apnea. Once I started taking 5,000IU of vitamin D a day it really lifted my spirits and my muscle aches went away. I was still not convinced that I had sleep apnea, but I made an appointment to do a sleep study.

I did my sleep study and found out indeed I have sleep apnea. Now I sleep with a CPAP machine. I get a wonderful night’s sleep without any prescription medication. It especially helped when I had my radiation treatments. Meditation has helped me through a challenging time in my life and continues to help me every day through Love, Joy, Peace and Compassion.

Your and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Have a great weekend. I will see you next Tuesday. Janice

SilviaS: I started my spiritual search in 1983. I have had many wonderful teachers and have not stopped learning. I hope to continue my path and have the opportunity to learn much more. About two years ago I began taking Energy Healing and Me with Eamen. I love the simplicity of his methods. The group meditations with him have been a great experiences for me. Now it is very easy for me to meditate every day.

According to Eamen’s teachings my intention is to live my life through Love, Joy, Peace and Compassion, and to be in a constant state of meditation. I am very grateful for all that I am able to achieve now. Silvia S, San Diego

RitaD: Hi Eamen, I really enjoyed the (Energy Healing & Me) session Saturday. You and Amean have such loving, positive energy. The ways you responded to the family that was there were so compassionate. I could feel all the love and acceptance from you both during the session. It felt like a real oneness among all of us. Warmly, Rita

GayleO: Hi Eamen--Yesterday's (Energy Healing & Me) session was really nice! You and Amean are a great team and I think you helped all of us a lot. I loved it that that dear family came and has the courage to think outside the box for answers for Nichole's epilepsy. I forwarded your message to Rita and she'll get in touch with you directly. We were both very glad we came. See you tomorrow. Gayle

NannahEFSDC: Dear Eamen, Thank you so much for speaking on Sat in 2011 Day of Hope Epilepsy Education Conference. The Education Conference would not have been possible without you!! We appreciate your time and contribution. Saturday was wonderful. Thank you, Nannah + EFSDC

EneidaFS: Thank you for this beautiful program! It was so helpful to understand how to filter certain emotions and manage through the power of love certain situations that make us sometimes feel out of control. I appreciate your effort every week bringing so much love to our lives. Also, thanks for the guided meditations as they bring so much peace, joy and calm feelings. Have a wonderful week! Eneida

MendetA: Your show is wonderful!! I love being in sync. This show (Love Your Mother Earth - Self-Healing Technique) was filled with verbatim messages I've received via prayer, meditation, ponderings as well as verbal and written communication with others. And, strengthens and encourages. Thank You So Much! Peace, ♥ and : D

DeniseK: Thank you - so grateful to have such blessed divine guidance of the highest truth, Love DeniseK.

BritnyL: Wow, reading all of that was a much needed reminder of where I once was, and where I currently stand. I couldn't be more grateful for my current state as I feel every single day as I have faithfully integrated daily meditation, I continue to deepen my understanding of who I am (divine) and who everyone else is (me). And, by the way, sleeping in the vibrational states (with others 2!!!) has taken me to a whole new level, I suggest EVERYONE do it. The "dreams" are so powerful and profound and the FEELING upon waking is nothing short of divine. The BEST way to start a day. anddd it just keeps getting better... sigh : ). Thank you dearest, dearest Amean, Eamen and Marilyn. I hope to one day serve as graciously and lovingly as all 3 of you commit to doing. *tears* :). Bless us all. Love.

SylvieS: I hope that this email will find you in great spirit! Just a quick note to thank Eamen for posting the channeling sessions on your web site, I am having a very interesting time listening to all of them step by step! Taking notes, rewind, going back, taking notes... It is so inspiring , so simple finally ,and so wise! Thank you, Sylvie

StefaniaS: What a wonderful show (Stay in Touch with Your Out-of-Body Family and Friends) this was! Thank you Amean & Eamen! The combination with the woman channeler, I don't remember her name right now (Marilyn Kapp), was powerful. The messages coming through from spirits were so crucial right now! I was so moved and I felt such a sense of relief as they described what it is like to cross to the other side. We are so afraid of dying. Personally, I feel I can never hear too often from those on the other side about how it is after this physical life. It seems as if no matter how many times I hear it, there is still a part of me that doesn't believe it and fears death.

How beautiful the message of love and service and moving. It was a powerful reminder of how important each of us is. I forget this again and again. To hear that my prayers and intentions of love can be so helpful and so clearly received was just the support and reminder I needed to keep sending the love and prayers to the entire world. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love, Stefania

RaquelF: Dear HealingPAQ, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Self Healing courses series. I felt blessed not only for the course and teaching but most of all for the vibrations of joy, love, peace and compassion that were transmitted in every call. I asked for a healing course but I was given the opportunity to connect to God, masters, angels and heaven and their vibrations of love and peace every minute of my life. What a bless.
Love and blessings, RaquelF, Sweden

EdithV: I experience that the meditations together, with you and the other participants, become more and more powerful. Like being under electricity Knipogende emoticon.

And in daily life, after many years of chronic fatigue and other physical problems, I now and then experience one or more 'super' days with more energy, joy and happiness inside me and feeling healthy. This all is very new to me. Between de 'super' days I'm again in the disease state but having experience the healthy state it's much easier to believe and focus on being healthy.

And I like to tell you that often I'm very amused when you and Eamen have conversation together in the sessions or radio programs. I can feel the love and funny teasing between you two brothers. I could listen to it for hours because it makes me laugh. Thank you.

HealingPAQ is one of the best things that happens in my life.

Love, Edith

MuraliB: Thank you, thank you, thank you for this (Stay in Touch with Your Out-of-Body Family and Friends) show. I feel like I had an epiphany while listening to this program, and I finally came to grips with some of the causes of my grief.

I learned to forgive my emotions, especially the guilt. I felt like my mother was next to me, and I experienced the tingle of her presence. She felt very much alive to me. I think maybe I can start to have regular conversations with her. I think she'd like that. Thank you again, Murali.

AnnK: Thank you for your response and invitation. I currently do receive emails from HealingPAQ and regularly listen and share the wonderful healing radio messages, live and archived. Thank you all for your good works, you are helping me, my sons, my family and my friends. I delight in turning them on to the HealingPAQ!
Light and love, Ann.

MariaL: Amean, I'm happy I can make a contribution to support the loving work you do. You are truly a loving inspiration and I find at my most stressful, confused times I can open to Divine love and support. Thank you again Amean. May God protect you and continue to guide you through all times.

BarbaraP: Dear Amean, I did hear you on the LOA-radio and did see you on youtube!

Great! Besides your divine knowledge you do have such a sweet heart and humor (especially laughter), it’s amazing. You are a great example of how divine we are and could be. Many blessings from Vienna, Austria – Barbara.

ClintonC: Amean, I didn't think I had expectations for the radio program until afterwards when I felt it was more than expected ;-). Having the opportunity to hear my grandmother's story was an amazing healing for me and my mother. I called her immediately after the session and she was in shock. All of her life she could never understand why she felt so rejected as a child when she knew she was such a good girl. The reasons for these painful locked in memories became clear and my family is so very grateful to you and Marilyn and all the other divine beings of light for facilitating this communication. Xiaomei and I look forward to "playing life" with you two again soon.

BTW, you did speak with another friend Rachel, who was told she could herself be a medium. She called in tears to tell me how much that meant for her to hear. She will be tuning in again, that is for sure. Infinite blessings and love, Clinton & Xiaomei.

EdithD: Hello Amean, I've been listening to the archive version of the first lesson and I enjoyed it very much. The first meditation was very powerful and when it finished I had to kiss all the flowers in my house (I always have a number of small vases with roses in the house) because of the love I felt for them. I never did this before or think I could do such a thing. There was so much love in me.

StefaniaS: As I begin to sense the aliveness of things around me, maybe my mind confuses this with emotions or interprets their energetic signature through the lens of my own feelings. I hope to one day be able to experience the energy of all things freely without any filters, just energy to energy, love to love.... such beauty everywhere around!

I have a whole new relationship with water and, really, EVERYTHING! There are moments when I feel its aliveness even, almost, its feelings. Water doesn't have feelings! Maybe I just don't know how to describe it. It is only when I tune in, when I turn my attention to being with the water, or any thing, as if it were alive, intelligent and sentient. Then I feel this love for it and love comes to me, or so it seems.

It is difficult to describe.

I took a moment to send love to the food in my cupboard the other day. I put my hands out and touched the items that were nearest me. I felt this sudden surge of emotion, and I began to cry as I touched the food and said, "I'm sorry" and "I love you" and "thank you". I cried with the food.

I don't know if I was healing me or it, or if it was healing me, or all of that. I just know it was a great moment of love and release of pain. Thank you, Amean. Love, joy, peace and compassion.

ArabellaC: Dear Amean, Just a quick note to let you know that I asked to be in the diamond before I went to sleep and get knowledge and healing from temple of masters, and temple of angels and tree of life. When I woke up in the morning my first thought was a very clear spiritual insight. So. thank you for the teaching.

MicheleM: Marilyn and Amean, Again, thanks so much for tonight's call. I'm so glad that I got through and will share the recording with my family, especially my brother. I'm sending a thank you to Dad, too. Earlier today, I said "OK, ancestors, if you have anything to say, you have to make sure my call gets through!" That's probably why Dad made contact with you, Marilyn.

You may add my note on your testimonial page. I forgot to mention that I had listened to the meditation from 09/17/10 - Energy of Our Ancestry a couple of hours before last night's show, so feel free to add that too! I'm glad that all of Dad's hard work paid off - I'm still chuckling over the way everything worked out. Have a wonderful evening

LauraD: I have completed Self and Distance Healing Classes and I am amazed at all the wonderful benefits and miracles that have happened. By practicing the healing meditations, and energizing my pets food and water I have grown more and more confident. I started in Distance healing, then to animals and now I am able to help people. I was at the Whole Foods and a lady was in pain in her hip, she allowed me to put my hands on her hip and I set my intentions and asked for Divine Healing Energy and Energetic support and did my YA-HU breathing and after 5 mins her pain was gone! She said my hands felt like electricity. I saw her again and she was so excited the pain was still gone! I have been utilizing the techniques along with Blessings on people and many say I have a gift. It is a gift we all have, "thru our unique connection with Divine" and I say connect, connect, connect and practice, practice, practice and you will live a life of miraculous and exciting events!
YA-HU, I LOVE U all! LauraD

SylvieS: Hello Amean, I know that you are starting your self healing sessions on Sunday, I am thinking about you this morning and I just want to wish you all the best, I am sure that you have more participants and it is just great.

I need to share something with you, it is important for me ..... It is already one year since we met .... and what an important encounter even it was 5mn ..... I can notice a lot of improvement in my daily meditations, I am becoming a more whole person and I know myself much more.

I am having a lot of fun but you know that it is not easy sometimes ..... but yesterday I was in the tree of life and for the first time I sensed love and compassion, it was a glimpse Amean but I know deeply inside of me that I sensed the essence of love and compassion, I know it was that. If i had to translate it by a color it was simply transparent and so clean and clear like water!

I also go to the temple of ascendant masters, and the quality of the journey is getting every time better and better, I am asking for support and I know now that I have it and I also know that you are there but here also.... That's it..... ! I said it.... Love, Sylvie

OlselG: Amean, I am having the most amazing time with you and the love being shared. I am experiencing the "reality come true" of my soul's most deep, divine intention in this life (and it precious existence). I am home, filled with such love and joy of divine remembrance.

I have walked the path for so long, with seemingly no result, despite the outer appearance of miracles and so forth. My Beloved was pushing me for what is real. I am have suffered so beautifully in order to know this peace, the blessing descending meets the grace ascending. A teacher said to me last year, You have been standing at the door to the Kingdom of Heaven inside of you for so long. When will you go inside?

The BEloved has welcomed me home! I have welcomed myself home in this love.

I wished to share this peace with you, and say thanks in your presence to the Divine. I rejoice. Love, Osel + Laura + Jasper

ConnieH: Hi, Amean! I am writing to express my deepest thanks for your works to the world. You are not just rock, amazing, incredible, you are absolute magnificent!!!

I was so lucky, and was guided by Divine Intelligent to catch up your last Friday radio program live. Since i was listening your interview podcast with Jewels, I didn't know who you were before that. Therefore, one part of my mind said to check you out immediately, and the other part said to wait after the guided meditation. I did not wait, and i caught up your show live. After that, of course, I subscribed your podcast, and still am catching up all your previous 20 episodes!!!

Anyway, I wish I could join your healing class one day in my human life. I am currently reside in Beijing, China. Let's see how Divine Intelligent would do onto us, until then, thank you very much indeed for all your divine healing and contribution to the globe!!!!!! Infinite love, joy, peace, and compassion, Connie H.

GloriaH: Dear Amean! Thank you so much for your radio programs particularly the last third endocrine one. I am so happy to be able to experience such a complete meditation. The first time through I had strong emotional reactions to all the different chakras/organs. I do not know what the releases were about but I was happy to let them go. Both of my parents and myself have had major traumas so hope that many of them are being released as I do this work. I also hope that my inner work will open doors for my sons. I wish you many, many blessings on your work. Gloria H.

ScottL: Greetings and blessings to all beings who have been fortunate enough to invite the Law of Attraction Radio Network into their lives! If you are reading this testimonial, then you have already embarked upon a path of spiritual enlightenment, and the LOA network is a great resource for your continued development. My name is Scott, and I have only recently discovered this amazing collection of teachers, but they have helped me immensely on my own personal journey. I have always been a spiritual person, and the last few years (as I'm sure you have also noticed) have been a time of great awakening, growth, and enlightenment as the shroud of materialism begins to fall away and we begin to reconnect with our true spiritual selves. Although I had no prior knowledge of the LOA radio network, I was blessed with an opportunity to participate in the most recent "Cruise to Transformation" program. I had no idea of what to expect, but it just felt right for me to go.

I firmly believe that we are offered opportunities in life better ourselves, but we must embrace those opportunities in order to benefit. To me it seems that situations often arise in which it just makes sense to follow your heart, and sometimes our tendency to over-think something (such as, "should I really go on this cruise?") is the equivalent of swimming against the current. If you are reading this, I implore you to go with the flow and follow your heart!

As I said, I had no idea of what to expect when I left for Los Angeles. As we boarded the boat, my friend and I were eagerly looking for other people who were participating in the program. I don't know what we expected to see - perhaps some meditating bhikkus in flowing saffron robes, juju prayer beads in hand. All we saw were caricatures of Middle America. We had to wait until our first dinner together to meet our fellow participants. Finally, we were surrounded by like-minded people! For the remainder of the cruise, it became incredibly easy for us to focus in on personal development and inter-personal connection, tuning out the many distractions of a cruise ship. The seminar schedule was well-balanced, with enough lecture time so that we were achieving higher vibrational states, but not so much that it became a chore to attend. Each presenter built on the work of the previous ones, so that the classes had a beautiful, synergistic effect that left us hungry for more. Perhaps the most amazing personal aspect of the cruise was that I discovered my own ability as an energetic healer during the trip.

There were several other healers on the voyage, and I was likely the least experienced of them. On the second night, many of us were attending one of the cruise functions - some sort of comedy show - but that is not the interesting part of the story. After the show had ended, I noticed that several of our fellow LOA participants and instructors had congregated. They were engaged in healing one of the participants, and invited me to join. The man we were healing had suffered from Cerebral Palsy, and it was clear that we had all come together out of love and compassion to provide him with relief from his disease. As I joined the circle around our friend, the energy was palpable. Here again, I had no idea of what I was doing, but by following my heart I was soon also channeling healing energy. We entered a state in which time had no meaning - we may have been there for minutes or hours, but it didn't matter. Later, as we were coming out of the trance, the most adept healer among us stated confidently that our friend had been completely cured, and would no longer suffer from the Palsy. This was my first real experience with meeting Amean Hameed. He is without a doubt one of the most influential people I have ever met, and I remain honored to consider him my mentor and my friend. I didn't know him that well yet though, and my initial "logical mind" reaction was that a disease like Cerebral Palsy could not possibly be cured in such a short amount of time and without "scientific" tools and medicines. As I observed our healed friend over the coming days, however, it was clear that he had completely shed his former self, and was no longer hobbled by the disease. He also grew stronger and more confident in his new body every day, and was even out dancing until 3 in the morning on the last night of the cruise.

I would like to say a little more about Amean though, because he is truly a powerful bodhisattva, and deserves our recognition and gratitude. As I came to know him better over the course of the journey, I was increasingly amazed by his ability to emanate pure love, joy, peace, and compassion for all beings. He also has a unique talent for recognizing what it is that different people need in order to heal themselves, and happily provides that for them without any expectation of compensation. He acts out of a desire to provide loving service to his fellow beings, and the power he has tapped into through this pure and noble motivation is absolutely inspiring to witness. I consistently saw Amean giving selflessly to others in order to help them out, and I was also blessed by his generosity. One of the most spiritually uplifting experiences for me during the cruise was a moment when three of us, led by Amean, engaged in a meditative chant. We were in a steam bath at the time, and the combination of vibration, heat, and moisture was unbelievable. The moment had incredible personal significance for me, and I emerged feeling much more capable of establishing close personal relationships with others, which has been a longtime goal of mine. There is so much more to say about Amean, but if you would like to know more I would encourage you to seek him out and get to know him yourself - he will certainly welcome you with open arms. He is also a regular presenter on the LOA Radio Network, and you can catch his shows on Fridays from 5 to 6 PM, Pacific Std Time. I have so much more to say about my experience, but ultimately my experience is my own, and anything I can say will be a poor substitute for what you will experience yourself should you choose to continue down this path. Therefore, I would passionately and lovingly encourage you to continue on your own journey, and follow your heart! If you do so, you will without a doubt find fulfillment and satisfaction, both in this life and the next. With abundant gratitude for all the blessings I have been provided, and with the joy of knowing that you have the same opportunities and the hope that you will seize the day, I thank you for traveling to this moment in space and time. May all of your future travels be blessed with abundance and marked by the divine attributes of peace, love, joy, and compassion! Namaste, Scott

DarylM: Thank you for your kindness, patience, love and healing. I have truly grown and healed from you. I am hoping to see you next June as I am planning to attend the cruise again. I will be so transformed you won't even recognize me! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

AnnaK: I wanted to let you know that the last radio show on Blogtalk was amazing!! I am so enjoying your wonderful rejuvenating meditations and learning so much from you. You are a teacher and treasure for many. Love you, Anna

CatherineT: I wanted to say thank you so much for all of the advice you gave me. Since we last spoke, there have been several changes that would have normally taken a year and a half to come to fruition. I feel stronger and more in tune with myself. Thank you for everything.

SharonB: Hi Amean, How beautiful; your love for people is so genuine, amazing. Thank you for sharing your concern for me. I am planning on taking the class in the near future. I asked the angels to teach me at night; I have so many active intuitive dreams now that I don't know if they are training me. I feel more at peace even through short periods of angst and loss that I feel from an ended relationship. I feel like something is seriously maturing in me. I have more compassion now then ever. Today, I passed someone in their convertible car and they smiled so big at me; I smiled back knowing we were connected in that brief moment just for the sake of bringing each other more joy. It is a wonderful playground Earth... continuously changing and moving forward. Every time I listen to your show; a layer of old stuff falls off of me. You are an amazing! With much gratitude, Sharon

LauraD: Dearest HealingPAQ, I am ever so grateful for the scholarships to your program, being a disabled single mother with a troubled teen, I don't know how I could have held it together, let alone become healed and whole through out my challenges!  Your help has transformed my panic into peace, my dis-ease into comfort and hope, and my faith has skyrocketed!  I have become the spiritual person I have been striving for the last decade, and it has been almost effortless!  Changes I have desired to make that were blocked have just happened, and my life is now for the first time in 45 yrs filled with possibilities, more confidence and most importantly, LOVE, JOY, PEACE and COMPASSION! Love and light, Laura Dewitt

MarylaS: Thank you. I was there and listened to recording already. It was amazing, I could feel energy during the process and it was so bright and powerful. I have a question. I'm a painter and would like to attach healing energy to my art work. Would you know if just my intention would be enough or there is something more I can do? How can I learn that?

SusanS: I just meditated with the archive and feel wonderful! What a lovely way to share energy with more of us! I am looking forward to visiting the archive again and also listening to your broadcasts! Are there other Cyrus hosts you particularly recommend? Thank you so much. Have a wonderful Holiday!

DawnV: Yes my Brother Amean, we are indeed eternally one and as we celebrate ourselves one conscious deep breath at a time we affirm and promote our wellness. Thank you for your consistency.

JoyS: Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Last night I dream I was in bed and some people was trying to cut my left big toenail. They said it was a curse on my uncle, my family and me. I was frighten and begin to fight. I found myself in a liquid void fighting and sinking. I felt this overwhelming loneliness. I said I am not going out like this and something said call Amean. So I started calling you and I felt your presence immediately but you couldn't reach me.
You were on the outside of this big bubble but you couldn't come in to help me. So you started talking and it calm me. I stop fighting and listen to you. You said ask the angels & ascended masters to put love, joy, peace and compassion in my heart. So I started repeating love, joy, peace and happiness. (i didn't get the lesson to call on them myself)
I would start sinking and I would wake up and look at the clock and fall back to sleep as if something wouldn't let me out of the dream. I struggle with this for a few hours. You said call on the angels they will be happy to help, so I did and at 1:15 a.m. the angels came in this river of bellowing light with love, joy, peace and compassion. The same energy that I feel when I hear you speak. but this time they came because I call them. and that energy removed what ever was binding me, I felt it cleansing me, it came in like a force of love, joy, peace & compassion. I continued to dream but nothing unpleasant, I woke up happy, I have been in this river of love, joy, peace and compassion for over 8 hours now.

If this has happened from knowing you less than a week, I can't wait to find out what will happen when I take your class. Please hold me a spot for the January 9, 2010 session, I will sign up on the internet in January. I have been inspired by Rumi for the last 2 years. I didn't know who he was, I just found some poems on the internet that touch my soul and that great presence has lead me to study healing energy for the last 2 years. Now they have sent you, to put it in order. Amean thank you so much for being the wonderful person that you are and for allowing the creator, angels and ascended masters to use you. I wish there was something more than I can say than thank you but how do you thank someone you talks with Angels? Love, Joy, Peace & Compassion

SusanB: Hi Amean, I had a bad reaction today to some chemical herbicides sprayed on my neighbor's lawn. The chemicals seem to be effecting my nervous system and make me feel crazy with rapid, racing, negative thoughts and also diffuse muscle pain. Today, it lasted for a couple of hours. My mind was racing so quickly I didn't have the ability to slow it down nor to think of something else (like my default thought or prayer). I did what I could and finally was able to slow down and focus enough to take a walk. During my walk, I did the circulation breath and energetic healing meditation and, again, it all stopped by the time I was finished. At first, I couldn't complete the prayers we start our meditation with. By the end of my walk, my pain was completely gone, my thoughts had slowed down to normal, I was able to easily repeat my prayer and all I felt other than joy and peace was a chemical taste in my mouth. I am so grateful, Amean, to you for sharing this miracle with us. And I am so very grateful to Divine for healing energy, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve Divine by healing myself and others and this beautiful Earth. Thank you! with love.

BritnyL: I am usually only able to participate via the recordings ... unfortunately. But I have to say I haven't felt a lack AT ALL during meditations. I am always extremely connected. These classes have been an answer to my prayers : ).
I am definitely flowing in the wonderful current of divine love, joy, peace and compassion ... I hope you are, too. : ) Thank you so much!

MaryannaT: Ever since I joined something always comes up for me on Sundays. Today I listened to the recording my mind has blown away. I always ask to go to the temple of Knowledge I have dreams but do not remember them too well, I just know I am being guided. Every day brings someone into my life that I can help with compassion. HEALINGPAQ ROCKS!! I find I am being put into situations every day where I am needed for harmony ,healing and peace. My cousin fell off a ladder and broke his neck. It just so happens I was near there to console his wife and my aunt. There are just so many coincidences.

SylvieS: My dear Amean, No words will mean how the self healing classes were a gift for me, it was the step that I have been waiting and praying for, for such a long time... Thank you so much..... Now and because I feel that the time is right, I will like to join you for the distance healing classes.

AnnaK: Dear Amean, I just wanted to let you know that I was listening to your Feb 6th class all night and felt so charged the next day and positive. I prayed for everyone in the house. This morning when I spoke with my brother he told me he slept like a baby and felt so good and had not felt like this in a long time.
I also felt charged and so much positive energy all through the night.
I sincerely would like to thank you so much for your teachings. These are so vital and important to me. Now, I am not only praying for me anymore but I love to pray for everyone who is around me and ask for divine healing energy after I synchronize myself. I don't know how to thank you. You and your brother are two beautiful people. I love you so much.

SusanB: Performing the healing energetic meditation on a daily basis has helped me in so many ways! When I started the meditations, almost immediately my knee and other joint pains lessened quite a bit. Now after a full year of meditation, and doing some simple oil pulling, my knee pain is completely gone. After every single meditation, I feel more energetic, more alive, happier, and more at peace. My husband and I took the initiation (self healing) class together, and our relationship improved. We are more loving towards each other, and our communication has improved because we are both experiencing more peace, joy and happiness. I notice that self-critical, or worrisome, repetitive thoughts have decreased significantly, and more importantly, the amount of attention I give them has dropped to almost none. The more I meditate, I experience a greater quality of life. When I stop, I notice the change. I don't feel as good, and some old negative thought patterns seem louder and more noticeable. When I resume again, I feel joyous.

I have had many beautiful experiences. I feel a stronger sense of connection to Divine, and have directly experienced the joy, love, peace and compassion which flows naturally from Divine healing energy, through me, and to all of humanity and this beautiful Earth. Sometimes I experience seeing many different colors, shapes, and objects including large bright gemstones, and light of great depth and quality. Sometimes I may hear a voice, or even see shapes or outlines of energetic beings. Sometimes I don't experience any of this, but have a deep sense of peace, calmness and always love and joy. Sometimes my mind wanders and I nearly can always tell when I'm "riding a thought" because I will feel the shift from a loving, joyous state into a state of worry, or of repeating a worn-out limiting thought. As soon as I feel this energy shift within my body, and I return to the meditation the love and joy once again fills my body and spiritual heart.

I have benefited so much from Amean's teachings. I would highly recommend him as an excellent teacher for anyone. He is patient, loving, and also direct and seems to always address the most important issue at hand when a student asks a question. He provides excellent class materials posted on the website, and his lectures are easy to follow and satisfy my hungry mind, allowing my heart to rejoice in peace and happiness at the same time. Somehow, he has that wonderful ability to speak to both my mind and my heart at once without alienating either so that I focus clearly on his words and content. His meditations are fun, joyous, and very helpful. He begins assuming students know nothing, and each week builds upon the previous week's teachings. I am always eager for the next class as I know each week the meditation practice, and my own experiences will grow and grow - which translates always into feeling more love for myself and for all of humanity of for the earth we live upon. Amean is a great teacher!

I recommend this class. My husband started taking the classes the first chance he could after I started, and he and I both use what we have learned on a daily basis - both while meditating and during everyday life at work, at home and in relationship with others. Susan Benson, Accountant, North Carolina, USA

JavedB: Dear Amean, I wanted to write this note as a small gesture of my appreciation of your efforts with me. At the time the doctors were advising me that I my kidneys were failing and I would definitely need to go onto dialysis and register for a kidney transplant. The start of the blessings, I was introduced to you from a close friend of mine. During the course of a year you worked with me to help channel positive energy to the kidneys. It was an awesome experience! Can you believe that…. failing kidneys but feeling better than ever? Through you I came to realize that Divine is most Merciful and Compassionate and what happens to us is to our benefit. I also learned that sickness and life’s troubles are invitations from the Divine for remembrance and awareness. These lessons I will never forget and still strive to keep up the practices you have bestowed on me.
The mediations with Amean were uncomfortable at first. The concept that Divine healing can take place anywhere and anytime was new to me. After a few sessions I started to feel the blessings from the Divine. My hands would warm, my chest felt like it was like water with waves flowing up and down. I also started to feel an enormous amount of joy for no particular reason? It is really hard to explain all the sensations. All I know is that I long for that feeling every day.
The classes are enlightening and recommend it to anyone who is open. Amean, once again, thank you! Feel free to have anyone call if they have any questions.

AmirA: I have been attending the HealingPAQ seminars for the past year and applying its techniques to my personal and professional life. As the founder of Third Screen Security, I find healingPAQ’s techniques are very fulfilling when applied to emotional and physical tranquility throughout conversation and business activities. Through this I am able to look at situations in a more open and positive way and this act creates a more positive outcome in such situations as my feelings and emotional energy will then be transferred to anyone I am communicating with.
I have also found many physical benefits of energy circulation and breathing. I can play soccer longer without becoming tired, my physical pains (muscle strain or bruises) disappear quicker, and I feel better! By integrating the practice into soccer, I can also see the game flow better and be more competitive.
The best reward from I have found is in applying what I learn into my relationships, where I’m able to channel positive feeling of love and joy to my family, friends, and girlfriend and of-course feeling happy will help everyone all around me ;-) healingPAQ’s lecture material are so easy to understand and Amean is such a comfortable lecturer that I feel like my uncle is speaking with me and teaching me how to live life better and help others while doing so. While I’m meditating I find that worries go away quickly and I feel euphoric joy and experience colorful reaction to breath circulation practices. All this helps me throughout my life. I always recommend HealingPAQ to my friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

CarolineA: Over the years I have been working with healers in the U.S. and Canada. I have done a great deal of networking to connect people who have chronic diseases or nagging illnesses to work with a healer. Later, I found that distant healing was more powerful for these people. They do not know when the healing will happen and thus do not wait for it or reject it. The lack of getting it at a certain time and in a specific manner seems to be more successful for them. All of this is leading up to my encounter with one of the most amazing healers I have met!

His name is Amean Hameed and many of his clients have described to me how precisely he has helped them with his distant healings and/or classes. At one point I had some painful kidney stones and he took care of that in a short time. Anyone who has taken his classes or talked to him by phone is very impressed with his work and loving, supportive nature. Sincerely, Dr. Caroline A. Loose, Brookfield, WI

JulieJ: I just wanted to let you know that yesterday we visited the oncologist in which we received the results of the PET scan. There has been dramatic decrease in lymph pockets. Only a few tiny areas remain. The Doctor was thrilled and stated that Dad has responded exceptionally well to the chemo.

He has one more chemo treatment to go and then four more treatments of something else (they don't call it chemo) and they are expecting a full recovery. Not bad for a 80 year old man who almost died 3 months ago.

Now, they think it was the chemo... BUT I know it was the energy that was sent to him and the fact that he just wasn't ready to call it quits.

So thank you for everything you do! I will be there on the phone listening on Sunday. HUGS! J. CA

SusanB: I have gained many health benefits applying the self-healing and distance healing techniques that Amean has taught. Personally, I have experienced a complete and lasting healing of knee and back pains; I have lost weight and exercise daily; I feel a huge improvement in my energy level and in my overall feeling of joy, and peace. I have had several people tell me they believe I seem much happier now and/or vibrantly alive, and I definitely feel that way. I have used the healing techniques that Amean has taught us to heal several animals including my own cat who had a 4 year chronic viral infection in her eye. After just one healing energetic meditation with my cat, her eye symptoms stopped immediately. After 3 healing meditations, she was completely cured and now a year later the problem has never returned! I've worked with humans too who have experienced healings from such things as back pain and headaches and emotional stress and pain. I have done healing techniques on the Earth and weather and have experienced a sudden stopping of howling, cold winds, rain and thunderstorms clearing, and seen a radiance and increased flowering and fruit formation of plants in my garden vs. prior years before giving any healing energy. I use the healing breath as often as I possibly can remember to, and now regularly send healing energy to any and every person I meet (while driving or in a business setting or my friends or husband) when I become aggravated or upset. The healing technique immediately shifts the situation, and often new and surprising outcomes appear that I never would have experienced had I not given the healing energy. I use the healing techniques whenever I walk outside and it has helped me to want to exercise more. I find I feel joyful while doing it, and my energy expenditure is much greater. I have given healing energy to my father, who died several years ago, to help heal a relationship which was strained, at best, due to his physical and emotional abuse of myself and my family. My feelings for him have completely shifted and the greatest gain has been the sense of peace and compassion I feel when I think about him. There have been so many positive, wonderful gains from this class series and from Amean's teachings - I can't even remember all of them or list them all! Thank you so much Amean!

During Amean's intermediate (distance healing) class, the meditations have been so much fun and peaceful and beautiful. I can't begin to describe all the wonderful experiences I have had. Mostly, I have experienced the deepest joy, love and peace I've ever felt. Sometimes when we are done, I can't sit still. I stand and sometimes dance because I feel so much positive energy and joy. And that's saying a lot for a 55 year old woman who had enough bilateral knee cartilage damage that the doctor had recommended replacement surgery soon! I often experience and see many different colors, including one which occurs most frequently where I experience my "self" before I became a "self". It feels like sitting in the potential of now, in a place before things manifest, resting in complete peace and joy. And as the need arises for manifestation or movement, then that occurs, otherwise I rest in that pure state of calm, peaceful, joyous readiness but without a strong sense of "I" or "me" but rather a feeling of "all".

Sometimes I have received direct guidance from Divine during a healing meditation, or thoughts and words will come helping me to better focus the healing energy. Other times, I don't see anything remarkable and don't hear any guidance but I always end each and every meditation feeling more energy, joy and especially love.

Amean is an excellent teacher. He is patient, and thoughtful and loving even when we ask him the same questions over and over. His meditations are heartfelt, and most importantly, they are FUN!! If the meditations weren't fun I probably wouldn't have been able to do them on a regular basis for a year now. But, I have the most fun meditating I've ever had. I recently attended a local meditation class with a friend and everyone was complaining about not being able to do it regularly. When the teacher started the meditation, I immediately knew why - they weren't experiencing any joy or fun during the practice. Amean teaches us to listen to our hearts and from this, joy and fun naturally follow. Amean provides several pages of written material and I've found the material very helpful, especially in the beginning. The meditations taught in the intermediate (distance healing) class are very in-depth, and very powerful. I highly recommend for everyone to take his intermediate (distance healing) class too. I have enjoyed it so much, I am taking it for the third time just because I love to do meditations.

I highly recommend this class. It's especially useful to take this class soon after completing the Initiation (self healing) class, as it delves deeper into topics covered in the first class. Plus, it's so much fun and each meditation teaches me something new and enhances my daily practice greatly. Susan Benson, Accountant, North Carolina, USA

SantanaS: I have been through the Initiation Class and Intermediate Class more than once. The Lectures are very positive and inspiring. The Initiation Class focuses on understanding how we generate our own illness and what we can do to help Heal ourselves. The Intermediate class more focuses on Global Healing. The Meditations are very profound. I experienced a Deep Peacefulness and Connection with the Divine Presence. I Highly Recommend this class to all who want to Heal Themselves, Others, and the Planet with the help of the Divine. Love, Light & Peace, S.

The scholarly ones are furthest away from the real object of desire. The more profound their minds may be, the further they are. This is the work of the heart, not the work of the head. -Shams Tabrizi