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temple of masters

Temple of Masters is a state of elevated consciousness that allows us to communicate with the ascended masters. People wishing to learn from and communicate with masters can gain access to this elevated state of consciousness through the meditative state of love, joy, peace and compassion.

Ascended masters welcome people with a focus on peace, balance, support, healing and guidance. Individuals wishing to be in service to others are recognized and assisted. The masters know that service to others is of the highest honor.

Individuals perceive Temple of Masters differently. Your experience will depend upon your intentions, abilities and development. Some report a sense of support and well being while others report getting direct messages.

How to go there

Enter the diamond communication portal and state your intention to communicate with the masters and access the energy and knowledge of the Temple of Masters.

How to use it

Stating your desire to gain access and experience the vibration of Temple of Masters means you are stating your desire to communicate with the ascended beings.

Start your meditation
Go to Temple of Masters energetic state
Ask for advice from the Ascended Masters
Ask for support and assistance with your daily activities
Sleep in the Temple of Masters energetic state
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Temple of Masters
Energy follows Intention, we have the free will to synchronize our intention with the divine