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temple of knowledge

Temple of Knowledge (TOK) is also known as the Akashic Records. Temple of Knowledge is a vibrational state, not a physical place. Divine stores every thought, word, deed, and state of health in the temple of knowledge. Information about spiritual development, past lives, etc. can be accessed here. Ascended masters decide what to be shared and what kept guarded.

No one will be permitted to access information about or for another person without the individual’s consent. Ascended masters and other highly evolved beings will teach how to access the information when appropriate.

How to go there

Divine recommends for us to enter the Diamond and then request access to the temple of knowledge. Once here, state your intent to access the energy and knowledge available.

How to use it

• Go to the Temple of Knowledge when you meditate
• Ask to access the proper knowledge available when working on difficult tasks
• Ask for support and assistance to access the knowledge available with your daily activities when needed
• Sleep in the Temple of Knowledge energetic state

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Temple of Knowledge
Energy follows Intention, we have the free will to synchronize our intention with the divine