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healingPAQ – focuses on teaching the universal laws of health and the art and science of self healing, distance healing and healing of living earth globally using love, joy, peace and compassion through a person’s unique connection to divine! With healingPAQ educational podcasts, radio shows and guided meditations you’ll not only learn how to Self-Heal existing conditions but to maintain optimum health, vitality and energy as the ancient sages and masters have taught throughout the centuries.

HealingPAQ’s integrative approach combines body physiology and the energetic pathways to circulate your love, joy, peace, and compassion through your body nourishing your organs, emotions, and thoughts.

Receive highly energized Divine transmissions to heal your heart, soul and spirit with the power of self-healing. Amean and Eamen will guide you into healing meditation to open the heart and receive the joy and abundance of life.

List of Shows

Even if you can't listen to the live show, you will still be able to receive the divine energy through the archived show since the energy remains on every broadcast. Listen to these transformational shows as many times as you need to feel the love of the divine flow into you.

Benefits of Self-Healing:

  • Heal your physical body, thought body, and emotional body

  • Evolve your awareness, thoughts, speech and deeds

  • Awaken your heart to Divine Energy, Heart & Intelligence using breath and thought foundations

  • Leverage love, joy, peace and compassion into your daily life

Transform your HEALTH! Transform YOU!

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Manure Happens. Plant Kingdom Loves It. So Can We!

Why Should I Circulate Love, Joy, Peace, and Compassion?

When was the Last Time You Hugged Yourself?

Healing Within from Our Point of Consciousness

Do You Remember How to FLY?

LOVE Your Attitude toward Your Problem

Being Caught in Black Hole of Fun

Three Point Healing System

Forgive & Release the Resistance to Receive, Marilyn & Eamen

The Living Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Elements

Love My Chaotic Shitty Life

Hate me more, I LOVE you more

Social media meets spirituality...

The Prophets

Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

Experiencing breast cancer ...


Challenged by life ...

Heaven is in our heart

Food is ready. Are you serving yourself & enjoying the taste?

Dead, death and out of body ...

Illusions we have in mind and body while living our daily life

Your knowing is our healing - Colorado Movie Theater Massacre

Spiritual healing ...

What is ...

Yin Yang and Kundalini Meditations

Thinking and thoughts ...

Do You Feel Alone? Self-Healing Technique

Are We Managing Our Life on the Edge of the Cliff?

Are Fear and Worry Chipping Away at You?

Will you kindly start LOVING instead of BLAMING yourself?

Our Relation with Higher Self - Self-Healing Technique

Self Generating Comfort and Healthy Life

More you are motivated by love more fearless & free you are

Can't make a brand new start - make a brand-new end then

Collaboratively Compete for the Best of YOU – Self-Healing Technique

Become Rich and Save For Life : Self-Healing Technique

Are We Heading for a Crash? Self-Healing Technique

Just BE - Self-Healing Technique

Develop Your Core Muscles to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Living in the Womb of the Mother - Self-Healing Technique

Play with Energy as Energy Plays with You - Self-Healing Technique

Use News to Start Healing Work World Wide - Self-Healing Technique

Diamond and Crown - Self-Healing Technique

Energy, Love, and Blood - Self-Healing Technique

Thoughts, speech and deeds

Fear Is Our Loving Coach - Self-Healing Technique

Love the Ones Who Hurt Us - Self-Healing Technique

Power of Empathy - Self-Healing Technique

Love Your Mother Earth - Self-Healing Technique

Having FUN Keeps Us Charged Up - Self-Healing Technique

Hormonal balance ...

Messiah reflects Love, Joy, Peace, and Compassion to Earth

One Body (Ittai) - Japan

Heal Japan and Other Regions on Earth as We Heal Self

Helping Hand for Terminal Patients

Mind is the Remote Control for the Spirit

Judging Ourselves Drains Energy

Divine Intelligence with Albert Einstein - Physics of Healing in Daily Life

Holiday treats ...

Sacred Space

JOY Heals Us at the Cellular Level and Keeps Our Heart Open

Closing Our Heart May Cause Us to Abandon Our Family

Divine Message About 2012

Are You Practicing Distance Healing or Distance Diseasing on Loved Ones

Answering Questions about your Health, Happiness, Wellness & Wealth

Practical Steps to Energize Water with Love, Joy, Peace, and Compassion

Marilyn Kapp Phenomenal Medium & Channeler Answering Your Questions

Energy We Inherit - Self & Others Healing

Balance ...

Illness, disease, sickness, ...

In Creation We Are Limbs of One Body

Global Healing integrated with Chakra and Endocrine Systems

Chakra and Endocrine Systems Relation

Endocrine System

Couples Practice Self-healing and Distance Healing

Children, kids, teenagers ...

Earth Day

Travel sites and destinations ...

Energy exchange ...

Emotions and emotional healing ...

Recharge your 14 Acupuncture Meridian Lines

Healing energy for Limbic System, Center of Nervous System, Cortex, Temporal Lobe, and Pleasure Center

Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairalience, Claircognizance, Clairgustance Abilities

Allow Love, Joy, Peace, and Compassion Gush Through your Heart

Set your Intention at the Highest Level

Synchronize your Intention with Divine Intention

Be a healer, be an angel