You are a shining star
You are a shining star HealingPAQ - Divine Energy Healing
Divine healing, love, and intelligence are always available to heal and serve you
Divine love and intelligence Join the PAQ to heal yourself, others and the living earth. Join the PAQ to heal yourself, others and the living earth. Temple of Masters Supports You Temple of Angels Supports You Tree of Life Guides You Temple of Knowledge Guides You Start Here Amean Serves & Teaches Energy Healing Courses Online and by phone Eamen Serves & Teaches Private Energy Healing Sessions Marilyn Kapp Channels for You Request prayers and free healing energy for anyone you like Listen to Free Guided Healing & Meditation Radio & Podcasts

Energy healing

You can heal yourself and others when you set your intention to do so, learn and practice the foundations, and enjoy the journey. It's easy, fun, and available to everyone.

You possess the most precious gift! A magnificent self-healing body enabling you to maintain optimal health, rejuvenation and overcome any dis-ease. You have this built-in healing ability, and you can learn to activate it with natural means. Your body is designed such that when you cooperate with Nature and set in place the conditions for healing and rejuvenation, your body will spontaneously begin healing and eventually complete the job. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken the self-healing route and actualized joyous, vibrant disease-free health, and you can too!

In the Tao of Wellness, the ancient sages emphasized the promotion of health and its occurrence in the body rather than the treatment of disease. healingPAQ focuses on teaching the universal laws of health and the art and science of self healing, distance healing and healing of living earth globally using love, joy, peace and compassion through a person’s unique connection to divine! With healingPAQ’s educational classes, one-on-one healing sessions and podcasts you’ll not only learn how to Self-Heal existing conditions but to maintain optimum health, vitality and energy as the ancient sages and masters have taught throughout the centuries.

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  • You have access to 24+ hours of audio and transcribed Divine Intelligence information:
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    • Divine wants you to keep your physical body, emotional body and thought body free of all disease and challenges
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